02 27 2015

Sex positions for your bath tub

Making love in the water is one of the most erotic ideas to try. During this monsoon season, you can try some sensational positions in your bath or pool. You need not restrict yourself to have bath under the shower as there are several positions that you can try in your bath tub or swimming pool.

Relax while you float: Also known as Bubbly Back Float Water Sex Position, it could be enjoyed anytime when you have bath in your tub. She would float with her body straight as you sit on the knees for a perfect penetration. The woman would be relaxing while it would provide her enhanced pelvic flexibility. As you would be in a controlling position, she could spread her legs to enjoy a deeper penetration.

Water tube: You can use a water tube to have some great fun in water with your partner. Try the crisscross position, sitting in his lap with your legs spread wide. Dominate your man by taking his groin inside and let him fall his legs outside of the tube. Let him relax and enjoy as you control the session.

Sea horse: in this position both man and woman enjoy to the fullest. Sit in a cowboy position to have a fuller penetration. As your man speeds up, try something freaky with your G-Spot. Run the water slowly and let him add some simulation to it with his fingers. He can’t see your G spot, so let him penetrate you deeply all the while as you reach to orgasm.

Raft position: As you lie on the raft with your stomach downwards, he will penetrate you accordingly, standing in the pool. However make sure that water is up to your groin level to have the full charm of this position.

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